About Us

When you walk into Acquired Taste Tea Shop, you enter a world of warm greetings and an array of teas to satisfy your palate and set your mood. Rows of classic steel canisters contain the finest and freshest teas from all over the world. The aroma from hundreds of tea samples in little glass jars will delight your senses and entice you to refresh your spirit with a cup, or two, of tea. Friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to help you explore black teas, fruit teas, morning teas, afternoon teas, and teas for all occasions.

Acquired Taste, established in 1996, is a tea shop with the finest traditional loose leaf and packaged teas, caters to the gourmet drinker, the adventurer, and the novice. Our shelves hold classic Polish Pottery, finely crafted traditional Japanese teapots, tea cozies, artful containers, and all manner of fun and traditional tea accessories.

When at home after a busy day, with a cup of tea the connoisseur's taste buds will be sated, while the novice will feel as though having set sail on a new adventure - full of the wonder and great taste of a really good cup of tea.